Paradise Hell pdf Umar Ashgar free Download

Paradise Hell pdf Umar Ashgar free Download: hell’s paradise This section is titled “Umar Ashgar,” and it is the third in the book “The Last Day” by Dr. “Umar Suleiman Al-Ashqar.” It is divided into two chapters.

Paradise Hell pdf Umar Ashgar free Download
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Paradise Hell pdf Umar Ashgar free Download

The first chapter of “paradise Umar Ashgar” discusses hell, its definition, the number of its keepers of angels and the greatness of their creation, the description of hell, its status, capacity, beats, gates, fuel, the intensity of its heat, words, the description of its creation, its effect on the world and its people, and a large number of people in the Hell.

A number of texts were mentioned here, indicating the large number of those who perished therein, the lack of survivors, and the secret in that, and the issue of women was addressed here, as they are the majority of the people of Hell, and the food and drinks of the people of Hell, as well as their torment.

The author presented a number of pictures depicting their torment in this topic “paradise umar ashgar,” as he explained that the people of Hell differ in their torment in the Fire, and then he mentioned some of the types of torment that God has prepared for them.

Smelting, burning, blackening, blackening of faces, ripening of skins, emission of intestines, and fire penetration into their hearts are among them.

He also displayed the texts that described the shackles, chains, and hammers used to torture them.

In the second chapter, he talked about Paradise “paradise Umar ashgar,” defining it, its Muslim inhabitants, its characteristics, and their eternity in it.

Later, he described Paradise, showing its gates, cycles, soil, rivers, springs, palaces, light, fragrance, trees, fruits, and basil.

He devoted a special topic to the bliss of the people of Paradise, “Paradise Umar ashgar,” in which he discussed the types of food and drink that the people of Paradise enjoy.

He also mentioned their furniture, servants, market, food, and drink utensils, clothes they wear, the wishes they have, the spouses of the believers in Paradise, and their deeds that deserved Paradise.

He explained how the people of Paradise were inherited, as well as the deeds that earned them Paradise.

Explain how the people of Paradise “paradise Umar Ashgar” inherit the share of the people of Hell in Paradise.

And he demonstrated that the poor are more numerous in Paradise than the wealthy and that men outnumber women, and he confirmed the saying concerning the issue of entry into Paradise for the children of believers and the children of idolaters.

Among the topics covered in this chapter are the masters of the people of Paradise, both old and young, as well as men and women.

He mentioned the ten who were given the glad tidings of Paradise, as well as some of those who were mentioned as saying they would enter Paradise.

The study concluded by stating that Paradise is not a reward for hard work, but rather a reason to enter Paradise, and attaining Paradise “paradise Umar Ashgar” is only possible through God’s mercy and grace.

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