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Thank you mam pdf

Thank you mam pdf free Download

“Thank You Mam” is a classic short story by Langston Hughes that has captured the hearts of readers since its publication in 1958. The story follows the encounter between Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones and a young boy named Roger, who tries to steal her purse. What follows is a touching and thought-provoking story about forgiveness, empathy, and redemption.

About the Author

Langston Hughes was an American poet, novelist, and playwright who was a leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance. He was known for his insightful and poignant works that explored the experiences of African Americans. His works, including “Thank You Mam,” continue to be celebrated and studied today.

The Plot of “Thank You Mam”

“Thank You Ma’am” begins with a young boy named Roger attempting to steal the purse of Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. However, he fails and ends up falling to the ground, which leads Mrs. Jones to take him to her apartment. There, she gives him food and discusses with him the importance of doing the right thing.

Literary Analysis

One of the primary themes of “Thank You Mam” is forgiveness, as shown through the character of Mrs. Jones. She forgives Roger for his attempted theft and even offers him a chance to redeem himself. Additionally, the story explores the theme of empathy, as Mrs. Jones can see beyond Roger’s actions and understand that he is just a young boy in need of guidance.

Symbolism and imagery also play a significant role in the story. The purse that Roger attempts to steal is a symbol of his desire for material things, while Mrs. Jones’ actions symbolize her generosity and kindness. The use of imagery, such as the description of the apartment building and its inhabitants, helps to create a vivid and realistic setting.

Teaching “Thank You Mam”

“Thank You Ma’am” is an excellent resource for teachers looking to teach literary concepts in the classroom. The story can be used to teach character development, plot structure, and the use of symbolism and imagery. Additionally, it can be used to promote empathy and forgiveness.

To aid in teaching the story, teachers can provide discussion questions and activities, such as having students write their endings to the story or creating a character analysis of Mrs. Jones or Roger.

Film Adaptations of “Thank You Mam”

“Thank You Ma’am” has been adapted into several different films, including a 1976 made-for-television movie and a 2003 short film. While each adaptation varies in its interpretation of the story, they all capture the essence, they all capture the essence of “Thank You Mam” and offer a unique perspective on the story. These adaptations can be used in the classroom to compare and contrast with the original text, allowing students to analyze how different mediums can impact the interpretation of a story.


“Thank You Mam” is a timeless classic that continues to captivate readers of all ages. The story’s themes of forgiveness, empathy, and redemption are as relevant today as they were when the story was first published. Teachers can use this story in the classroom to teach literary concepts and promote important values, while readers can enjoy the story for its engaging plot and memorable characters.


What inspired Langston Hughes to write “Thank You Mam”?

Langston Hughes was inspired to write “Thank You Mam” based on his own experiences growing up in Harlem.

What age group is “Thank You Mam” suitable for?

“Thank You Ma’am” is suitable for readers of all ages, but it is most commonly taught in middle and high school classrooms.

Are there any other works by Langston Hughes that are similar to “Thank You Mam”?

Yes, Langston Hughes’ works often explore similar themes and experiences of African Americans. Some notable works include “I, Too, Sing America” and “The Negro Speaks of Rivers.”

How can I incorporate “Thank You Mam” into my curriculum?

“Thank You Mam” can be used to teach literary concepts such as character development, plot structure, and the use of symbolism and imagery. Teachers can also use the story to promote empathy and forgiveness.

What is the significance of the story’s setting in “Thank You Mam”?

The story’s setting in Harlem is significant as it allows for the exploration of themes such as poverty, race, and the struggles faced by African Americans during the period. The setting also serves to create a vivid and realistic backdrop for the story.

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